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As bail bondsmen, we get the question all the time: Can you recommend a good criminal defense attorney? The answer, unfortunately, is no we cannot recommend an attorney. Delaware bail law prohibits us from recommending attorneys.

With so many attorneys in Delaware, it’s hard to know who will be the right one for your case.  Every case is different, but we want you to make an informed decision knowing your best options.

Delaware has a great site call that is dedicated to the State of Delaware.  Whether you’re looking for an Attorney to assist you with a legal matter or if you simply want to get the contact information for a specific city or county clerk in Delaware, you will Find it here. Search from more than 330,000 lawyers, located throughout the United States. While you are in the Delaware section of the site, the Attorney Search bar above is automatically set to search Delaware.  To search for a Lawyer, select the type of legal issue and city.  To go back to the main site, click “Home” on the top of the left menu.

Delaware Resources
Attorneys – List of various Attorneys and Lawyers in Delaware
Cities – Complete list of Cities in Delaware
Counties – Complete list of Counties in Delaware
Information – Common information about Delaware
Statutes – Statutes for Delaware

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