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Our seasoned team of bail bond agents is here to take care of you when you face difficult times. If you or someone you want to help ends up in jail and a high bail amount is requested, you can always count on us to give the money on your behalf.

If you or your family face financial issues, we are here for you. All you need to pay is a small fee and we will take care of the rest after finding what could be used as a collateral.

Court staff, district attorneys, and judges know us and respect us. Our team of seasoned bail bond professionals knows all the tricks and ropes in the legal system. They will offer their help for most aspects of the bail bond process.

Our on-call bail bond specialists are here to make your life easier and to find financing solutions if you’re short on money. If you’ve just been arrested, you deserve a second chance! Being treated with respect and dignity is important and you can be sure that we will treat you well. The customer service we offer is second to none and is one of the reasons why our bail bond agency is so popular in the area.

If you or your loved one is incarcerated, the first thing you should do is give us a call so we can start working on finding a solution to get you or him/her released the same day or the next day at least.

Get a free consultation over the phone when you call us at (302) 521-3640! Our expertise and knowledge are mostly unmatched in the local Middletown bail bond industry! We might charge you a fraction of the initial bail bond amount on top of a collateral to secure the bond. We will appraise your home for equity, personal belongings, cars and everything that can be used as collateral in order for you to secure the bail money you need now.

Personal guarantee offered by family or friends can be accepted in some cases too. Whether it’s a real estate property or another type of personal property, there is always a way to get cash to post the bail money.

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