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How to Help a Friend after an Arrest in 5 Superb Ways

Its midnight and you’re having a beautiful dream on the bed. But, you get a dreaded phone call – your friend got arrested. It truly breaks the night! Now what?

An arrest can happen at any time. Something you and your friend don’t expect. Whatever the reason for the detention, your friend has been placed in handcuffs and needs your help. Your buddy is probably terrified at the moment but you’re not a superhero to get him out the cell so quick.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to lend a hand no matter what the cause of the arrest is.

How you can Lend a Hand

#1: Behave Appropriately.

If you can’t control your emotion, you can’t help a friend. It’s you that need it instead. During the most trembling time, learn to stay calm so you can plan what’s best for the situation. Don’t panic. Don’t get angry. Don’t you ever dare to harass an officer or you could get arrested as well. Always be respectful. In Delaware county, there is a lawful arrest so don’t worry that much about your friend.

#2: Collect Information.

Asking questions isn’t illegal but make sure to speak in polite words. Find out where your friend is held in custody. Know the name of the police agency. Note everything that the police officer says without interfering with an arrest. Ask for the charge your friend is dealing with. The information you gathered is also important if you seek bail bonds in Wilmington Delaware.

#3: Give Some Piece of Encouragement

Encourage your friend not to give any word to anyone until the lawyer arrives, including police officers. If they want your statement about the alleged offenses, tell them you won’t say anything without having a lawyer around. This is to help your friend’s reputation and prevent others from overhearing the conversation. Reassure your love to your friend. Let him feel he’s not alone in this desperate situation.

#4: Contact a Lawyer.

If the defendant is facing criminal charges, he/she has the right to call a criminal defense lawyer. You should seek one as soon as possible. You can ask other friends or family members for a suggestion. A lawyer knows best how to handle the case, leave it up. They can also help your friend during the bail hearing and assist in finding the best bail bonds in New Castle Delaware.

 #5: Seek a Bail Bond Company

Don’t just rely on the lawyer if you think your friend can’t really afford the bail. In the state of Delaware, you can seek 1st Choice Bail Bonds Wilmington, De for the fastest assistance so you can get your friend out of the cell quickly. Bear in mind that if you purchase a bail bond, there is typically a non-refundable payment of 10% in exchange for your friend’s release.

Working with a Bail Bondsman

When it comes to the bail thing, the lawyer can help your friend reduce the bail amount based on the circumstances of the case. This will give your friend a chance to prove he is not really a bad person. That he won’t become a potential danger to the community and will come back to the court during the hearing dates. Lewes bail bonds can issue tracking devices so they can track the clients wherever they may go.

They can work together to convince the judge to lower the initial bail. It is important for them to work out with the terms that the bail agreement implies. Though a lawyer can help defense the defendant against criminal charges, he also has the right to refuse bail if the amount seems impossible to reach and/or the accused persons are not as serious as they look.

Handling the Arrest

No one will just laugh at the arrest of a friend or a family member. Try to figure out how you can best help the situation rather than getting upset with the arresting officers. You can use an online inmate locator if you have no idea where your friend is. 

If you think your friend badly needs medication, inform the staffs of the jail. Contact your friend or family member’s doctor. There is no privacy law that restricts medical professionals from sharing information with their patients so just do your best. You can also contact the protection and advocacy agency in your state or your state’s affiliate of ACLU in case your friend is being mistreated inside the jail.

Is there any way you can help a friend or a family member after arrest? We’d like to hear your thoughts down here!


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