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Bail Reform: How it affects Millions of People

Today, there are thousands of innocent people suffer in jail. The reason? They can’t afford bail.

Bail reform is on its way to save not just thousands but millions of unconvicted people from harsh treatments in jail. Getting rid of money bail has been pushed in California to move away from the most troubling features of the unequal justice system. It is unequal because if you are poor, you stay behind bars while awaiting court hearings. However, if you are rich and can afford bail yourself, the door is wide open.

What if people are no longer asked to post bail as an exchange of their release? Would it be a good or bad idea? Let’s find out.

Getting Rid of Money Bail

Bail is everywhere but people want to get rid of it. Delaware bail bond guarantees bail payments for anyone who can’t afford bail. You only need to pay a small fee for their services. Nevertheless, many aren’t still able to pay such percentage. In fact, even as little as $500 or $250 is hard to pay by many accused individuals.

As for criminal defendants who couldn’t post bail simply because they were poor, they need to go straight to jail if no one could help them out. Nearly millions of unconvicted people await hearing behind bars for weeks, months and even years. They need to suffer from dangerous conditions, lose their jobs and home, and experience inadequate medical care.

Putting an end to bail is probably the best answer to this. This will not just make the poor become poorer but the money bail system is one of the broken parts of human’s justice system as well. However, there could also be another question raise of whether additional measures to hold criminal defendants should be implemented.

Fighting for bail reform is believed to impose enormous fairness to people, especially those low-income people of color. Nevertheless, the criminal justice system all over the world does not just need to reform but also needs tightening up and consider the defendant’s level of dangerousness.

Advantages You Can Get

Courts in Delaware are not anymore requiring people to pay money bail. There are unsecured bail that can be used instead which is only payable if the accused person fails to appear in court. Bail reform is created to:

  • Prevent wealth-based pretrial system while avoiding a major increase in crime and failed court appearances.
  • Release people while awaiting court hearings. The only conditions they need to ensure is to show in court and make very limited use of pretrial detention.
  • Increase the use of pretrial services. This will make check-in calls with officers to become a job. There are texted court reminders to be provided which have shown to improve court appearance rates significantly. The other good thing is that there could also transportation offered.

Whether the bail reform creates a big debate or not, there is always risk assessment involved even when working at Dover bail bond.

Huge Need for Bail Reform

Reformers point the problems with the most bail system. Bail agents tend to abuse their power making people who can’t afford to pay become much poorer. The Bail Reform Act allowed them to be released on their own recognizance. What’s good is that they can get out while waiting for court hearings under the least restrictive conditions.

Though there is fear of rising crime but one other Bail Reform Act as of 1984 solved the issue. The act allows the court to detain someone for flight risk or any serious threat to public safety. To prevent risks at its best, there are risk assessment tools the court can use to predict the accused person’s tendency of failing to appear in court.

There is low, medium and high risk to be calculated. Factors include past criminal records and age during an arrest. If the score is found to be really high, the defendant is going to behold in jail.  

The Future of Bail

In Delaware, there are new bail reform rules as well. Most of the cities around it including Wilmington, Newark, Bridgeville, and Georgetown are moving to implement the tool used to assess high-risk individuals.

Since money doesn’t guarantee that defendants won’t slot in new criminal activity anymore and it does not give assurance they will come back to the court during scheduled hearings, the new law is implied in the state. This is to encourage judges to consider other pretrial release conditions first when in contact with the victims. So, for rich and poor victims – it’s fair.

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