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How is Bail Set in Delaware?

How is Bail In Delaware Set?At 1st Choice Bail Bonds we care about educating the community about bail bonds, the bail industry and the justice system.  For many people who are new to posting bail it’s not uncommon to have a lot of questions like, do I need cash to pay for bail?  Or, how do I contact someone after an arrest?  Another question we receive is how is bail set in Delaware?  So, in today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at that question and explain just how bail is set in Delaware.

How is Bail Set in Delaware?

Across America judges are responsible for determining bail amount.  Now, there are several factors that impact this, one of which is a standard list of bail, this will differ by county and state.  While this acts as a guideline for determining the amount of bail there are also several other factors that a judge will take into consideration.

  • Criminal History

Whether or not the defendant has a criminal history will be a determining factor.  Especially, if the defendant is a repeat offender.  This will likely increase the cost of bail.

  • Defendants Community Connection

This includes the defendants current employment status.  Their connection within the community, whether they have positive relationships with clubs or groups.  And whether or not they have friends and family to support them is also a factor judges will consider.

  • Nature of the Offense

Another factor that will greatly impact the cost of bail will be the nature of the offense.  For example more violent or heinous crimes will be met with a higher cost of bail.  Whereis a nonviolent offense will likely cost less.

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