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Getting Bail Money Back: Everything you need to Know

Bail Money

Any stage of criminal proceedings is granted to have a bail. Bail is an agreement between a defendant and the court. This will give assurance that the person will come back to answer a criminal charge.

Bailing an arrested friend can cost you. As getting the money back doesn’t always have a straight answer, you can’t expect you can still see the amount you put up.

Is bail refundable? There are many factors that answer the question in the state of Delaware. Discover a few of them here.

Purpose of Bail Money   

The bail money acts as a security. It is like a collateral for a bank loan. Your collateral is held until you pay off the loan. Wilmington bail works the same way. You can be released to go home but the bail ensures you’ll come back for sure. If you fail, the bail money you paid gets forfeited.

Whether you are proven guilty or not, you are still the suspect. It is your responsibility to go through the court process when it’s your turn to stand. Is bail money returned? You do get your money back in the end.

Refund Procedures

If a defendant is granted with a bail, one or more conditions are applied to the bail undertaking. In other states, the person will need to surrender important identifications such as a passport.

Cities like Dover, Lewes, and Middletown require the deposit of a sum of money which can be forfeited if bail is breached. Depending on what type of bail bond was posted, it can be refunded if the defendant made all the court appearances.


  • The deposit will be returned if cash has been placed in the court. You can receive the money back deducted with any fines or fees charged by the judge.
  • The premium is not refunded. If there is a 10% premium paid to a bail bond agent, you won’t get your money back.

If a bail is under this condition, you can expect a refund of your bail once the court matter is finalized.

Different Ways to Secure Bail

Pay cash bail. If it is cash bail and you pay the full bail amount, the money will be returned to you if the defendant shows up on all the hearing dates. If he won’t, you will never get your money again.

Bond can only be discharged if:

  • A defendant found not guilty on the charge.
  • A defendant pleads guilty. The discharge will take place at the time of sentencing.

Offer property bond. In exchange for the release of the defendant, you can secure a property bond to the court. The real value of your property will be used and the court will seize your valuable land or home legally if the charged person fails to appear.

Write a surety bond. Writing a surety bond for the person facing unlawful wrongdoings can be the cheaper choice of services. You will only pay a percentage of the total bail amount or the one known as a bail premium. The premium is commonly a fee for the services of Newark bail bond agents.   

TIPS: The best way to secure your bail money in Georgetown and other states nearby is to ask the defendant to always attend to every hearing session required. When all court sessions are attended, bail money will be returned.

Choosing to Use a Bail Bondsman

If you don’t have the full amount to post for bail and you decide to use a bail bondsman, there is usually a 10% premium as a payment for their help. The Bridgeville bail bond agent will then take the responsibility to post the full amount on your behalf so a defendant can experience a temporary release.

Premium is not refundable and you aren’t going to get it back even if there are bail terms that the defendant honors.

When to Get Your Bail Money Back?

Refundable bail money cannot be released just because you need it. You need to wait until the case is over or the defendant is released, proven guilty or not.

Defendant release can be:

  • Discharged
  • Acquitted
  • Convicted

You need to bring your bailor with you or let him/her attend at your last court session for you to claim your money back typically from the court counter.

How do you get the Refund?

  • Cash
  • Cheques

Every bail agreement that involves a deposit of money will be refunded by a way of cheque. A cheque is a common way the court used to give your refund even if you deposited it in cash.

How are you going to get your money back in Delaware? 1st Choice Bail bond will help you get a full picture!

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