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Can You Travel While Out on Bail?

Can you travel while out on bail?

When you or a loved one has been arrested your life may feel like it’s been turned upside down.  Suddenly you find yourself in a world filled with new rules and do’s and dont’s.  Being arrested is not only inconvenient it can affect your day to day life afterwards.  For example is your family vacation as good as canceled?  Are there exceptions for traveling in state, out of state or internationally?  Today we’re going to address a very common question regarding bail.  Are you allowed to travel while out on bail?  We’re going to answer that in two parts – beginning with domestic travel.

Domestic Travel

When you or a loved one is released on bail you may be wondering if your family vacation is out of the question.  In reality you may not need to cancel your plans just yet!  Depending on your case and the parameters surrounding the arrest you may be permitted to travel in state as well as out of state.  If you have any existing travel plans or if a need arises such as a family emergency you can talk with your bail bond agent.  If travel is possible your bail bond agent will be able to get permission from the court.  Usually in state travel is permissible it is out of state travel that can require special permission. 

International Travel

Unlike domestic travel international travel is usually not attainable.  It’s advised to discuss any plans you may have with your bail bond agent to see if it is permissible.  Since when you’re traveling internationally not only is there a chance of jumping bail traveling back into the country can be delayed significantly causing you to miss your court date.  In many cases it’s unlikely you’ll be given permission to leave the country, however, it doesn’t hurt to ask your bail bond agent if it can be arranged.

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